Nail Art Design

Must Haves Of The Nail Art Kits

1. Nail Art Stickers

Nail art stickers come with strong adhesive backing. You should apply them on dry nail polish and seal them with a fast dry topcoat. They come in a variety of designs from flowers to cartoons etc.

2. Dotting Tools

Dotting tools are a must in your nail art kit. They help in creating dots. They usually come in sets of five with different sizes of 10 heads. They also help in creating some easy nail designs.


Dotting tools


3. Rhinestones

Add different sizes, colours and shapes of rhinestones in your stash. They add bling and glamour to your nail art.




4. Striping Tapes

These tapes are very thin and help in adding metallic lines in your manicure. These tapes also come in many textures and colors.


cavier beads


5. Bullion Beads/Sprinkle Beads/Cavier Beads

They are small metal beads or glass beads. These help in creating accent and gives 3D effect to your nails.  You can see the Caviar nail art in action.


confetti glitter


6. Loose Glitter/Conetti Glitter

You don’t have to have glitter in a polish. You can apply glitter to your nails in loose powder form. You can sprinkle the glitter on tacky nail polish using fan brush. You can also create flitter french tips by applying top coat to your nails and then  dipping it in glitter pots, removing the excess using a fan brush and sealing it by applying another layer of topcoat.


Nail polishes


7. Nail Polishes

You should have at least some good shades of nail enamels. Don’t forget to add black and white shades as they are the most used ones. Also you can add some textured nail enamels or glitter ones. The most trending nail enamel nowadays is magnetic nail enamel.


nail colours


8. Stamping Kit

The nail art stamping kit includes scraper, stamp and stamping templet. Start with stamping small designs and gradually start stamping full nail designs.


Topcoat and basecoat


9. Topcoat And Basecoat

Do include some good quality and fast dry topcoat in your stash. Topcoat gives shine and prolongs the life of your manicure. Choose basecoat according to your nail health. If your nails need extra calcium then go for calcium builders etc. and don’t forget to apply basecoatbefore starting to paint your nails.


nail arts


10. Orangewood Stick/Toothpick

These are used to pick rhinestones and also help in creating dots. They are also very helpful in water marbling.


toothpick for nails


11. Tweezers/Scissors

Tweezers help in picking small embellishments and it’s a quite handy tool. Sometimes while applying decals etc you need to cut them so small scissors is must.


Tweezers for nails


12. Nail Polish Remover

To remove nail polish, you can try nail polish remover wipes. Kara Nail Polish Remover Wipes are a good option. They are the one-stop solution for pretty nails. The wipes are easy to use and do not contain acetone, toluene, alcohol and paraben. They can easily remove dark shades of nail polishes. They contain natural olive oil and vitamin E. These wipes moisturize your skin as well as prevent peeling of cuticles and chipping of nails, making your nails healthy looking and shiny.





13. Lint-Free Cotton Swabs/Q-tips

These are needed to clean and remove polish from your nails. Lint-free cotton swabs are important because ordinary cotton may leave cotton fibers on your nails thus ruining your manicure. Q-tip dipped in acetone free remover helps in removing extra polish from cuticles and your manicure looks neater.



14. Acrylic Colors

They help in creating beautiful nail art designs.

15. Nail Art Brushes

They are a must in your stash and each brush has its own use.

16. Others

You can add studs, acrylic decals, flocking powder, artificial tips etc to your stash.



Things To Consider Before Buying A Nail Art Kit

  • Number Of Tools

Check the tools included in the nail art kit. It is necessary to have all the essential tools to do the best designs. An ideal nail art kit consists of an adhesive, stamping tools, a palette, and acrylics.

  • Patterns And Design

A good nail art kit is all about patterns and designs. Therefore, ensure your kit comes with all those exciting design stickers and stencils. Also, check the different tints, shades, and hues included in the design sheets.

  • Adhesive

The quality of the adhesive is essential as a low-quality glue can damage your nails and skin. Look for a tool kit that comes with a good-quality adhesive.

  • Quality

The overall quality of tools plays a vital role. Good-quality tools not only make your nail art experience amazing but also do not harm your skin. If you are unsure about the quality, explore the users’ reviews and visit the official website.

  • Brand

The brand name cannot be missed when selecting a nail art kit. A well-known and reputed brand will always ensure good quality. Opt for a trusted brand that delivers satisfactory results.

  • Cost

Different brands offer nail art kits at different price ranges. The cost of a kit depends on the quality of the tools. The better the quality of the adhesive, patterns, and stickers, the higher the price.

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